House Rules


In the ruins of Terran Hegemony, the universal “credit” has vanished. The Confederacy issues “script” but its use is limited to corporate facilities, where some Corporate citizens will decline to take it from lest than reputable individuals. This has led to a barter system arising in places where the Confederacy presence is light.

For purposes “cash flow”, there are basically three mediums of exchange:

Trade – used for large transactions, such as cargo loads. One Trade unit = 10 barters.
Barter – the standard. 10 barters = 1 trade unit.
Script – basically the Corporate barter unit.


One-barter Expenses
A month’s living expenses, if your tastes aren’t too grand; two refills for your medkit; a night in high luxury & company; any weapon, gear or fashion not valuable or hi-tech; repair of a piece of hi-tech gear; a week’s hire of the protective companionship of a gunlugger; a year’s tribute to a warlord; a month’s maintenance and repairs for a hi-performance vehicle well-used; bribes, fees and gifts sufficient to get you into almost anyone’s presence.

One-trade Expenses
Fuel core recharge, month’s worth of life support for a “boat”, repair of minor combat damage to a “boat”.

House Rules

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