• Cheg Morrow

    Cheg Morrow

    A skeevy slicer and lover of fine things. Also a pretty decent cook.
  • Howe Stander

    Howe Stander

    Qualified pilot and former smuggler. An interstellar knockabout and generalist.
  • Kite Malenz

    Kite Malenz

    Battle medic and gunwoman - a hard combination of level-headed sex appeal.
  • Leo Sobek

    Leo Sobek

    Mechanic and general roustabout. Laconic, hard-drinking man of many secrets.
  • Paz Alling

    Paz Alling

    Former Earth soldier and loyalist. A security specialist and gunner.
  • Aran Delanbue

    Aran Delanbue

    A suit from the Russian American Mercantile - big news on Junidy.
  • Bazzo


    A mid level fixer and information broker with the Underground Traders Network
  • Gustav Fireau

    Gustav Fireau

    A vintner in Zila/Junidy. A traditionalist and old-style aristocrat.
  • Jenna Milobacher

    Jenna Milobacher

    A hardholder on Freya and part-backer of the Mordecai Fae. A woman full of hope about the prospects.
  • Marko Foruz

    Marko Foruz

    A minor criminal lord and contact.
  • Mr. Lorn (RIP)

    Mr. Lorn (RIP)

    Security heavy from RAM - well, former heavy.
  • Opus Milobacher

    Opus Milobacher

    Retired Captain of the Mordecai Fae. A rogue and scoundrel.