Out in the Verge

Pursuit of Profit

The boys make a first haul and stick it to the corporate wage-slaves at the same time.

Delta Pavonis, Deep Space

Paz, Leo and Howe are smuggled aboard the Profit Ascension, a Hyperion Corporation bulk hauler. They have been sent to retrieve container 74C1139XHT from the hauler. Kite is shadowing the vessel at long range as it traverses to a jump point.
Exiting the contraband container they are in, the trio starts poorly by acting on bad advice and attempting to find a control station at the front of the ship. Stealthily avoiding the automated crew, they break in on a party of security officers enjoying the deserted lounge at the front of the ship.Profit
A tense situation ensues, with Paz stripping the crew of their uniforms, locking them in a storage room.
Using this disguise, they manage to reach the central hub of the ship before their deception is discovered. With the robotic crew suddenly alert, they shoot their way into the robot control center.
Again using threats of violence to good purpose, they interrupt Junior Technical Operator Chad at his lunch and force him to put the bots into maintenance mode.
Acting before the bridge can re-initialize the bots, they access the manifest, make their way to the cargo container and eject it into space. Hunkered in the vessel, they make out some hi-tech gear and four young women stored in sleeper cells.
They are picked up (fairly roughly) by Kite sometime later.



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