Out in the Verge

Easy as (a slicer) of Pie

Investigating a mysterious cargo leads to some interesting events.

Delta Pavonis, Deep Space

  • The mysterious cargo contains four sleeper coffins, an advanced shielding system and some loose tech. One “extra piece” is a heavily encrypted WristComp.
  • Quickly judging they didn’t have the expertise to break it, Howe suggests they talk to Bazzo, a member of his Underground Traders network. Against Pazs’ objections, they set course for Harvard in the Beta Hydri system.
  • Arriving on Harvard, they find Bazzo on high alert: the network has been infiltrated by a traitor named Cheg Morrow, who has made contact with Confederate operatives offering to sell the details of the UT network.
  • Bazzo is willing to crack the WristComp if the crew does him a solid: find Cheg and silence him. A deal is struck.
  • Cheg is apparently in HighTown, a corporate orbital enclave. Bazzo forges them an entry visa (as a general supplies contractor) and they arrive unchallenged.
  • A quick plan is conceived: Kite will act as a corporate wageslave, looking for some extralegal help cracking a datacube. They lure him back to the ship and decide what to do next.
  • The plan goes as well as can be expected and results in Cheg abducted and returned to the ship and Leo (in a miracle of interpersonal skill (for him)) assuaging the local staff.
  • Paz and Kite do a good/bad cop routine and convince Cheg to join the Fae as a crew member (deeming that a Slicers’ services would be great use to them).
  • They return to Bazzo, who succeeds in slicing the WristComp (encoded with EarthTech AI code) and discover numerous medical files and some miscelleneous data. It leads them to believe the women within the coffins are, in fact, replicants, clones or some form of biological constructs.
  • They hightail it for Barnard’s Star, where they are welcomed aboard Argos III, Foruzs’ home. He is pleased with their performance and desires only the coffins. He agrees to settle his payment: three units of cargo (of their choice) and information regarding the Midnight Sun.
  • Thawing one woman, the crew is bemused to find that the “woman” inside seems to recognize Marko.


Relationship with Marko (+1)
Cargo: 3 units.
New crew member: Cheg Morrow/slicer.



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